Hole 2, PLGC v2About Our Golf Experience

Elaine and I started playing golf together when Elaine was going to have surgery on her knee.  That seems a little strange since having surgery might mean she’d be out of business.  Well, we just didn’t think that the recovery prognosis would be so long.  We thought it would be a few weeks, but the surgeon said, “No golf!” for the duration of her surgery in the fall of 2006.  We just assumed that golf would be an acceptable activity during her rehabilitation.

Anyway, after we go the final OK, we took our new golf clubs to Meadowmeer Golf Club on Bainbridge Island to get started.  We thought it would be fun to do as a couple, and a way to have an activity with Trevor.  Elaine had played golf some before.  She said it had not been that successful but was willing to try again.  I had played in high school and while I was working at the Chevy Chase golf course during college.  I’d always enjoyed the challenge and made a few good shots.  It was pretty exciting to think I could get back to golf and have family members to go out with.


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