A Painful Inconvenience

After playing rounds of golf with Trevor, Elaine, and Jerry Brady (Saturday), I awoke with a very painful right thigh and buttock area.  I could tell this was another instance of some nerve condition.  I had this back in October, but I could still walk and play golf.  It would really hurt if I stood still for any period of time.

This time is different.  It doesn’t seem to be related to a back injury since there is virtually no back discomfort.  It is really focused on the lower glute area and the back of my thigh.   This situation indicates that my sciatic nerve has become inflamed and irritated by something.

Sunday, the 21st, was a very uncomfortable day.  I could not walk or stand up without a great deal of discomfort.  Sitting was pretty much OK, so I did a lot of that.  I took ibuprofen throughout the day, and that helped somewhat.  But it’s very difficult to manage nerve pain so I was not completely comfortable at any time.  Moving around the house was a real chore.  Taking a hot shower seemed to provide quite a bit of relief to be able to move around more easily.

After some research and reasoning, I think I have a good chance of having “piriformis syndrome”, which is not a medical diagnosis specifically, because it does not have data or specific cause for its occurrence.  It is explained here in this video:  Piriformis Syndrome Video

Fortunately, I already had a doctor’s appointment next day with a new provider here in Port Ludlow.  I hobbled into the appointment with hopes for some ideas how to resolve this painful condition.  Dr. Laura Wulff at the Jefferson Health Care Clinic in Port Ludlow saw me.  She had a very nice personality and positive attitude.  She seemed to be pretty informed about this condition and prescribed medication, stretches, and therapy to address the piriformis syndrome.  Besides ibuprofen, she suggested Gabapentin.  She also seemed fairly sure that with an aggressive treatment program, this should be relieved within two weeks.  I was pretty happy to hear that!  Additionally, I ordered a heating pad from Amazon.  Finally, some massage techniques can be used to relieve discomfort.  Here are three YouTube videos that I found to be clear, helpful, and well presented:

Here are some helpful stretches I will be using too.

Hopefully, Dr. Wulff’s prognosis will work out the way she predicts.  I want to get back out on the course and be ready to hike and climb.


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