December 20, 2017 – Snowshoeing and Wine Tasting

After a slow morning here in our condo, we finally got our snowshoeing clothes on and headed out the door.  It was cold and partly cloudy – a temperature of about 30º.

We drove down the road a ways to where we could take Winesap Ave up toward Echo Ridge.  The road was mostly clear, but ice and snow in the shady areas.  We arrived at the Zoom Trailhead at just after 12 noon.  We had our packs lightly filled and planned to wear our mountaineering boots on our snowshoes.  We checked out the map on the info board, and determined that a trailhead fee was not required.

The trail traverses around the side of Echo Ridge and ascends to the North Junction.  IMG_0652.jpgThere is lots of good signage on the Echo Ridge Trail System.  We turned north again and took the trail toward “The Outback”, a trail that circles a nearby butte.

Echo Ridge Snow Trails

Near the junction we had a great view off to the east of the Waterville Plateau.  It’s on the other side of Columbia River from where we are.  The snow stretches as far as you can see which is a really long way today.


We went out to the Outback intersection and turned around there.  We had gained several hundred feet and had gone somewhere around two miles.  That was all we had time for today, so we headed back.

On the way down, we could see south to a view of Lake Chelan, and even further a peekaboo look to the Columbia River somewhere near Entiat.  Wow!   It was sure clear.

Upon our return, we changed out into warmer boots, and carefully steered our way down the snow-covered roads to the Echo Valley Ski Area on our way to Vin du Lac winery.  There we had a very good tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah wines along with crackers, cheese, apple butter, and carrot and golden raisin slaw.  Really nice to sit and reflect on our activities before heading home to plan our dinner coming up later.


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