Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – Sterling to Puyallup

This was our last day in Virginia for this trip. Matt was off to work and Amanda went to her workout class early. Elaine walked Sarah to the bus stop. Evan wasn’t going to leave for school until later so we would see him before we left. I talked to Matt about garbage services as I was getting coffee in the morning. He said the HOA has a separate schedule for pick up than the normal commercial schedule.

We just hung around for the morning. I picked up one more bag of leaves and cleaned off the deck as part of my morning activities. I sent a text to Amanda letting her know about the bags of leaves. Unfortunately, the garbage service picks up yard waste on Monday’s not Thursday’s as I had read before.

I set up a Uber car to pick us up at about 2:30. Kalihl arrived right on time to take us to the airport. He had something like an Acura MDX. The ride was efficient and pleasant. He said he used to do contract work overseas and he mentioned Iraq and Afghanistan so I wondered if he was something like an interpreter or something. Evidently he has teenage children and he’s still working so it may have not been for the government but a security contractor.

Our flight was right on time. Getting through security was easy but a little slower since we were not TSA Pre. Colleen sat in my assigned seat so she could sit by Elaine with Amelia. Amelia was good for the whole flight. When we arrived I went to Park n’ Jet to get the car. I got back to the arrival deck and everything was loaded quickly and easily. Amelia made quite a racket on the way. She had been held and nursed the whole flight and didn’t like having a face close by and not being picked up as we drove to Puyallup. Darin greeted us with some enchiladas and chipsets we were ready for a small dinner. It was the perfect amount. After a long day we turned in at what would be 1:00 am East Coast time.


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