Monday, October 23, 2017 – Sterling, VA

Today is our day to visit Cox Farm with the grandkids. Cloudy and more muggy here this morning. A pleasant breeze blowing. No rain though. Matt will be off to work and Evan will go to his English composition class at NOVA this morning.

Colleen and Amanda went off to Orange Theory fitness class early. Elaine took care of Amelia while they were gone. When all had returned and were getting ready for the farm visit, Amanda and I drove to Matt’s work to retrieve his Jeep so we could have seating for all of us to get to the farm.

The farm was a pleasant place to go with everyone. It wasn’t not like it had been before. There were several low-key activities that everyone could enjoy. All of us went on a hayride that had lots of characters and bits of entertainment. We enjoyed some fair food – Elaine had queso nachos and I had a chili dog. Neither were too big and just satisfied our need for something to eat.

We found that there were many slides situated around the grounds. Elaine and I even got our burlap sack and went down the largest. Only Colleen and Amelia couldn’t slide. Amanda, Evan, and Sarah got some food and went into the goat enclosure. They had a good time with the many different kinds and sizes of goats.

We finished up by getting big bags of Kettle Corn, pumpkins, and apple cider donuts to take with us. We then all returned the 12 or so miles to home.

Elaine and I went to Choolaah to pick up Indian food for the family. It was a very interesting and pleasant experience. We don’t have anything like it near us at home. It was the only Indian fast food I’ve ever had but it was good and reasonably priced.

We then ate and had some drinks before sitting around and watching Monday Night Football. We had to do some goodbye’s later since we would not see Amanda before we leave Virginia.


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