Connor and Kenzie’s Wedding with Doug and Robin Pagel

It’s been in the works for quite some time. Connor Pagel and Mackenzie (?) were going to be married. Doug and Robin work hard and furiously to make it a special occasion. Preparations, parties, and locations have been considered and arranged for months. It was time for everything to come together.

According to Doug, Connor wanted the wedding to be held at the McMenamin’s in Tacoma. Kenzie’s family is mostly from Oregon so it was decided to have the wedding at the McMenamin’s at Gearhart on the Oregon coast. Of course, this made for some long distance logistics.

The date for the wedding was set for Saturday, October 7 at 4:00 PM in the Gearhart Hotel. The Gearhart Hotel has been around in various forms since the early 1900’s. It’s situated on the Gearhart Golf Links which claims to be one of the oldest golf courses west of the Mississippi River.

Friday, October 6

We left Port Ludlow on Friday, October 6, to stay at Longview and visit, and to play golf at Mint Valley. We left Port Ludlow at 9:30 and arrived at the golf course at 1:00. The day was sunny and warm. We didn’t putt or warm up with hitting before starting out on #1. It took a few holes to settle down and play well. We finished at 4:45 with Elaine scoring a 113 and I a 83. Then we drove up to Mom’s. David and Mom were glad to see us and had prepared a roasted chicken dinner for us.

Saturday, October 7

On Saturday, we got to hang around Longview for quite a while since the drive to Gearhart would only take an hour and a half. Before we left Longview, we picked up some gin and whiskey and gas at Fred Meyers. The drive was easy. We got to the hotel at 3:10 and checked in. Our condo unit was on the ground floor. It’s an older one-bedroom unit with a kitchen but has a view out to the ocean.

We went over to the wedding across the street which was going to be held on the lower level of the hotel. The ceremony was somewhat non-traditional but it looked like it would be. The “officiant” was a friend that got their authorization on the internet. It was very non-religious but the couple did write vows for each other.

The reception was the main part of the event. There was good food, drink, and friends. The music went long into the night and we had lots of opportunities to dance. Elaine did a great job of dancing in high heels. The event was pretty much over at 10:30. Afterwards, we changed into “lounge wear” and went up to Doug and Robin’s room for a drink and some ‘decompressing’. I think we returned to our room at about 1:00.

Sunday, October 9

On Sunday, we reported to the restaurant at 10:00 for Bloody Marys and breakfast. I had a traditional egg breakfast while Elaine had a breakfast sandwich. We did a bit of shopping at Safeway in Seaside before reporting to Les and Marilyn’s unit to watch the Seahawks play the Los Angeles Rams. The Seahawks pulled off a tough win in LA 16 to 10.

After the game, we headed to Cannon Beach for dinner after some shopping and walking on the beach. The views of the seastacks were pretty cool from Cannon Beach. Les and Marilyn joined Doug, Robin, and Elaine and I at Bill’s Tavern for dinner. Elaine and I had good clam chowder and onion rings. We had a couple of pitchers of beer too.

Monday, October 10

Slept in for a while, and then had some yogurt and granola for breakfast. Some nice strawberries too. Tee time at Gearhart Golf Links at 12:00. We reported over there early and started about 11:30. Nice dry day with light winds. This course has narrow fairways and very well protected greens with lots of pot bunkers. Putting was a real challenge. Their greens are very fast and the breaks are very difficult to read. I was still struggling with my swing but finally got it figured out near the end of our round. (Hands low; clubhead straight back). Elaine did a nice job of putting and even made a birdie on the 14th hole! I finished with a 91 and Elaine scored a nice 108.

Afterwards, we had a beer in the Pot Bunker Bar; a McMenamins wheat beer which was quite tasty. Our dinner plan was to go to the U Street Pub in Seaside, but when we got there it was closed for the day. We opted for picking up the Wasabi Horseradish cheese we were after at Safeway, and then returning to the Sand Trap Bar/Grill at Gearhart for burgers and beer, while we watched Monday night football.

Back at our condo unit, we watched two movies, “The Big Short”, and “Too Big To Fail”, which had been recommended. It was then almost midnight so we turned in.


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