Dosewallips Kids Camp

Evan, Sarah, and Benson climbed into a very packed Highlander to establish our car-camping site at Dosewallips State Park on Thursday, July 12.  We were fortunate enough to find one of the last care-camp sites for this week, even though we made the reservation months ago.  This must be a very popular week.

The weather was gray and misty as we left but we could see blue sky starting to develop over the park as we arrived after a 45 min drive from home.  It took nearly an hour to empty out the car and get camp set up after arriving at 2:00 pm.  After all was settled, the kids were looking forward to a walk to the beach.  The trail starts under the highway bridge and is decorated with a display of the life cycle of the salmon on the wall of the bridge abutment.  The beach is part of the Dosewallips River estuary.  It is a very productive beach for clams and oysters.  It has a muddy and gravelly substrate.  There is also an observation platform that has informative displays about the dynamic nature of the estuary.  We even came across recent elk prints as we walked the mud.

Dosewallips Beach

Later, we played cards, investigated the nearby natural areas, and made our favorite camp treat – S’mores.  Our fire was perfect for roasting marshmallows after only one restart.

Dosewallips Camp

It became dark around us so we turned in to our two tents at 10:30!  Evan and Benson in one; while Sarah, Elaine, and I were in the larger tent.  Our only interruption to our slumber was the raccoon that grabbed our garbage sack early in the morning from the table.  I had to get up and run it off and put our garbage in the car.


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