Our Anniversary in Hawaii

July 6, 2017 could not have been better!  We celebrated our 15th anniversary in a wonderfully, positive way.  It began at our vacation condo at Waikoloa with Doug and Robin Pagel.  They had arranged for this large 2-bedroom, ground floor unit for the week in the Hali’i Kai village.  We’ve been here since Saturday, June 30.  Amanda and her family are staying down the road a bit at the Marriott Vacation Condos.   Here is a view from where we are staying.  It also sits on the 7th hole of the Waikoloa Beach Golf Course.

We’ve been playing a lot of cribbage, and we started a new “tournament” this morning.  The boys lost the last one by just a couple of points so they needed to get back in the winning column.  Doug and Mike started out well and took the first game.

Our tee time at the Big Island Country Club was scheduled for 10:21.  We left here a hour ahead of time.  BICC sits above Waikoloa 2000 feet.  There are awesome views, while the temperature is a bit cooler.  Winds were light with a few stronger gusts.    We all played pretty well among the wild turkeys and yellow canaries that were browsing all over the course.  The stiffest challenges on the course were the last two holes.  The first was a tee shot to an island green.  Mike and Robin landed their shots on the putting surface while Doug hit his too long.  It was too long of a carry for Elaine.  The 18th hole was a par 4 with an approach over a narrow lake.  Mike and Doug got their up-and-downs while Elaine and Robin had to take drops.

We finished our rounds with many successes and a few let-downs.  The drive back to Hali’i Kai


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