Coming Home After the Christmas Trip

Christmas left Dogleg Lane and headed for Longview.  Amanda, Matt, and Sarah left here with all their things on Christmas afternoon since they would not be returning.  They would be heading to the airport after the final celebration.

Evan rode with Elaine and I to Elaine’s mom’s house.  We played some Christmas music from Pandora on the way.  We were thinking about meeting up with Amanda at the Gig Harbor Starbucks as we have many Christmas days before, but we passed it up this time.

Trevor and Megan were dropped off in Poulsbo at Megan’s mom’s by Darin and Colleen before heading south.  Trevor and Megan were going to spend time with her family for Christmas afternoon.

Norma, Elaine’s mom, had prepared lots of good food and snacks for our arrival.  She has lots of people in on Christmas day.  Other family had just left before we arrived.  We poured our drinks and settled in for a nice visit and a couple nights’ stay.

The next day, I got in a nice 18 holes at Mint Valley Golf Course.  I shot a 78.  Matt and Amanda headed to Portland for a special night away while Elaine looked after Evan and Sarah.  They had a very good time seeing a live performance, some nice drinks, and Amanda even got in a run in the morning along the Willamette River.

On Saturday morning, we visited some more with Elaine’s sister Cheryl, and her Aunt Fay.  Around 1pm our travels took us to Olympia to deliver dad’s Christmas gift.  We had Evan and Sarah with us and they were quiet all the way from Longview to Olympia.

Dad’s Canuck jersey came one day too late so we had to take it to him when we passed by.  He seemed excited to get it so that made us feel good.  We moved on to Colleen’s for her holiday dinner.  It was also the closure for our Fantasy Football League.  Megan claimed 3rd place.  Matt earned 2nd place.  And Trevor received the 1st place prize.

The prime rib dinner was delicious.  We also saw many of Darin’s family there.  His two sisters, Cathy and Brenda, and brother Brian came with their families.  We caught up on what was going on and then prepared to take our leave.  Amanda and family went to their hotel before their flight the following morning.  Trevor and Megan needed to get back to take care of their pets.

We arrived home about 10:00 to our quiet but warm home.  We settled in for a night’s sleep in our own bed.

Sunday morning was rainy but the radar showed it ending soon.  We grabbed a smoothie for breakfast and rolled over to the golf course to see if we could squeeze in 18 holes.  Amazingly, the rain stopped as soon as we got there, and stayed away for our whole round.  I shot an 83 and Elaine had a 111.  I had one birdie which we celebrated when we got home.

We had just the right amount of time to get home to prepare ourselves for the Seahawks game.  Beer and turkey dinner leftovers were the perfect meal to watch the Seahawks overcome the St. Louis Rams, 20 to 6.  We watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” after the game.

Too bad the weekend is coming to an end, but Elaine just has 3 short days before more vacation.  We’re hoping to get some snowshoeing in before the holidays are over.


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