Coming Together for the Holidays

Amanda’s Arrival
Amanda and her family arrived from Sterling, VA today. Evan didn’t feel too well last night but got here in good spirits. They got in to Seattle around 11am and were here by 2pm.

Mike got out early to play golf with his group of friends. 13 guys showed up. We always have to put in $6 for “The Game”. Mike scored an 82 with 2 double bogeys. Not too bad considering his last round was a 90.

Elaine was off to do extensive shopping at the Safeway in Poulsbo. She was going to do some research at the Family History Center but they were closed today, and will be closed until after the first of the year.

Elaine also picked up teriyaki, which Amanda and her family get anxious for when they come to the West Coast.  We guess there just isn’t the same quality or availability on the East Coast.


The weather today was quite nice.  It started out COLD,  not freezing but close.  It warmed gradually throughout the day.  There was just a little sun that warmed my back while playing golf.  Mostly it was cloudy.  The ground was still very wet from Friday night’s rain so hitting golf shots was a sloppy affair.


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