A Big Family Day

It’s blustery with some rain this morning. The clouds are scudding across the sky as it tries to get light. The sun doesn’t come up until almost 8:00 this morning. It’s probably a good thing that the daytime is short now since most of the activity is inside.

The Plan for the Day
More shopping needs to be done. Mike is heading to Silverdale to finish it off. He’ll be going just after he has the rest of his teriyaki from last night. Sounds like a good thing for breakfast and we could use the room in the refrigerator.

Erin and Maegan and their families are coming over around seven tonight. It will take a concentrated effort to get everything ready for their visit. We’ll be having a “baked-potato bar” for dinner, which usually is an enjoyable to have something everyone wants. It will be fun to have Benson, Kenna, and Sarah all together for a while. It will be interesting to see how they play.

Elaine has already made an extensive list of to-do’s for the day and a list of things for Mike to get while he is out.

Last Evening
Had a pretty quiet evening while watching the Bengals win over the Broncos. It’s nice to see Peyton Manning lose. It was just tough on Matt’s Fantasy Football score. Trevor has come out on top for the Fantasy Football league this year, while Megan came in second. Hmm! Interesting that the “Commish” and his partner came in 1st and 2nd! What’s up with that?

Everyone got to bed at a reasonable time, especially since the Marks family (Matt, Amanda, Evan, and Sarah) were still getting over jet lag from the trip – except Sarah. Little kids adjust way easier or they just don’t have a set schedule yet.


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