To Wapato Point Today – Monday, Nov 5

Day starts cloudy in Port Ludlow but is partly sunny by the time we leave at 11:00 for the Kingston Ferry.

Oatmeal for breakfast.

Called Tsillan Cellars in Chelan for dinner reservations while at the ferry. Calm, partly cloudy here.

On to Stevens Pass. Darker and heavy clouds as we approach. Temperature drops to low 40s by the time we’re to Skykomish. 34º by the time we reach the pass and there has been snow and slush on the road for a couple miles. Snow gets more serious as we go down the pass on the east side. Maybe 4 miles of slush on the road, then turns to rain.

Sunny by the time we get to Leavenworth. Bathroom stop at McDonalds. Grab a Clif Bar for a snack.

Tried to stop at Castle Vineyards above the tunnel on 97a on our way. Website said they should be open but gate is closed. This is where the Tunnel Zip Lines are.

Arrived at Tunnel Hill Winery in Chelan around 3:45 pm. A few other people there besides us but uncrowded. Tasted 6 wines. Shared a tasting the $10. Bought a bottle of “Sacrilege” ($30) red blend and “Camino” ($20) white blend. Tasting included in price of a bottle. Opened the red and sat to have a glass in there tasting room by a warm fire.

Moved over to Tsillan Cellars for tasting and dinner. Tasted 3 wines for $5. Shared the tasting. Bought a bottle of “Sinestra” ($30) red blend. Had it opened for us to take into dinner. Portobello mushroom appetizer. Sausage cannelloni for dinner with broccolini.

Left Tsillan at 7:00 pm for Wapato Point. Checked in to unit 667. Watched Monday Night Football (Cowboys vs. Tennessee) and Dancing with the Stars. Black Russian for dessert.

Turned in at 10:00 pm.


A Painful Inconvenience

After playing rounds of golf with Trevor, Elaine, and Jerry Brady (Saturday), I awoke with a very painful right thigh and buttock area.  I could tell this was another instance of some nerve condition.  I had this back in October, but I could still walk and play golf.  It would really hurt if I stood still for any period of time.

This time is different.  It doesn’t seem to be related to a back injury since there is virtually no back discomfort.  It is really focused on the lower glute area and the back of my thigh.   This situation indicates that my sciatic nerve has become inflamed and irritated by something.

Sunday, the 21st, was a very uncomfortable day.  I could not walk or stand up without a great deal of discomfort.  Sitting was pretty much OK, so I did a lot of that.  I took ibuprofen throughout the day, and that helped somewhat.  But it’s very difficult to manage nerve pain so I was not completely comfortable at any time.  Moving around the house was a real chore.  Taking a hot shower seemed to provide quite a bit of relief to be able to move around more easily.

After some research and reasoning, I think I have a good chance of having “piriformis syndrome”, which is not a medical diagnosis specifically, because it does not have data or specific cause for its occurrence.  It is explained here in this video:  Piriformis Syndrome Video

Fortunately, I already had a doctor’s appointment next day with a new provider here in Port Ludlow.  I hobbled into the appointment with hopes for some ideas how to resolve this painful condition.  Dr. Laura Wulff at the Jefferson Health Care Clinic in Port Ludlow saw me.  She had a very nice personality and positive attitude.  She seemed to be pretty informed about this condition and prescribed medication, stretches, and therapy to address the piriformis syndrome.  Besides ibuprofen, she suggested Gabapentin.  She also seemed fairly sure that with an aggressive treatment program, this should be relieved within two weeks.  I was pretty happy to hear that!  Additionally, I ordered a heating pad from Amazon.  Finally, some massage techniques can be used to relieve discomfort.  Here are three YouTube videos that I found to be clear, helpful, and well presented:

Here are some helpful stretches I will be using too.

Hopefully, Dr. Wulff’s prognosis will work out the way she predicts.  I want to get back out on the course and be ready to hike and climb.

January 9, 2018 – Movie and Dinner

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Weather – About 45º.  Cloudy with wet ground conditions.  Little wind.


  • Golf 18
  • Pick up a birthday cake for Dad’s birthday
  • Movie in Poulsbo at 3:00
  • Dinner after the movie
  • “Game of Thrones – Season 2, Disk 4”


Mike wanted to solve some golf problems so requested instead of an inside workout that we play a round of golf to sort out some of those things.  There were practically no other golfers at the course when we got there around 8:30.  We checked in a got to the 1st tee.  Our first hole was pretty disappointing so we walked back and started over again.  From there on, Elaine’s golf was pretty normal and steady.  Mike’s was not looking too good.  Mike had bad holes on 3, 4, and 5.  After that it seemed to settle down.  Elaine had an OK score of 56 on the front 9.  Mike had a sub-standard 47.

On the back nine, Mike improved and parred 11, 12, 15, and 18.  Also, hit a good hybrid to the back pin on 17 and made a 5 foot birdie.  (Followed by Fireball Birdie Juice)

Gained some insights into lining up better for golf shots.

Birthday Cake

Dropped by Central Market in Poulsbo for a birthday cake.  Single-layer German Chocolate.  Bakery put writing on the cake for us.


Regal Cinemas in Poulsbo.  Watched “Darkest Hour” a movie about when Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of Great Britain and how he led his country during the time when Germany was threatening to invade Great Britain.  A focal point was the extraction of British Army troops by a civilian fleet from the French port of Dunkirk.  Interesting with good characterizations.


Mexican dinner at “La Costa” Restaurant in Poulsbo.  Margaritas were pretty weak and tasteless.  Good food though. Chicken fajita burrito and chicken macho burrito.  Plenty to eat.  Service was OK, although it was strange how the staff seemed to interchange with each other throughout our dinner.

Game of Thrones – Season 2, Disk 4, Episodes 7 and 8


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Amanda and family leave at 9:30 for the airport.

Took care of my cold feet.

Put away travel things.

Called Jorgensen Golf to sign up for tour.

PCT planning. Made new spreadsheet to keep track of campsites.

Benson “Encore” wine.

Leftovers for lunch and dinner.

Game of Thrones – Season 2, Disc 2 (?)

Weather: 32 in the morning. Warming to 37 by nightfall. Cloudy and calm all day. Snow still covers most parts of golf course and edges of our yard.

Thursday, December 21, 2017 – Winter Solstice 2017

Amanda and family arrive today in Manson. Their flight got in to Sea-Tac at 11:00 in the morning. After picking up their Dodge minivan, they found some teriyaki, and headed east over Snoqualmie and Blewett Passes. They ended up arriving about 5pm.

During the day, we went to Karma and Ventimiglia Wineries. We had a nice lunch of cheese, crackers, and wine. We chose to have a red flight of wine to share, and then we drank a glass of Try blend wine. It was pleasant sitting in their “cave” decorated with white lights and branches. The lights were somewhat dim. A couple families were there as well with their children. I was not overly impressed with the service. The two staff seemed tired and less than energetic. We found they were going to be setting up for a 150 person event on the following day. No wonder they seemed stressed.

Karma WineryWe departed Karma and headed back to Manson. There was more time to spend tasting so we decided to check out Ventimiglia Cellars (pronounced ven-ti-mee-lee-uh). Their storefront is in downtown Manson. Ron Ventimiglia greeted us and poured us 7 different wine tastes. We had tried to find their winery 2 years ago before the fires of the summer. We’re thinking that was when we were there playing golf at Gamble Sands. In any case, we talked pleasantly with Ron about his wines and connections to MVP Vinters (Pete Mathews). He asked us not to hold that against him. We decided on a yummy Syrah/Mourvedre blend to take home with us.

When Amanda arrived we got them settled and then went to the Sunset Bar and Grill for dinner. They have interesting menu choices in a bright tavern environment.

December 20, 2017 – Snowshoeing and Wine Tasting

After a slow morning here in our condo, we finally got our snowshoeing clothes on and headed out the door.  It was cold and partly cloudy – a temperature of about 30º.

We drove down the road a ways to where we could take Winesap Ave up toward Echo Ridge.  The road was mostly clear, but ice and snow in the shady areas.  We arrived at the Zoom Trailhead at just after 12 noon.  We had our packs lightly filled and planned to wear our mountaineering boots on our snowshoes.  We checked out the map on the info board, and determined that a trailhead fee was not required.

The trail traverses around the side of Echo Ridge and ascends to the North Junction.  IMG_0652.jpgThere is lots of good signage on the Echo Ridge Trail System.  We turned north again and took the trail toward “The Outback”, a trail that circles a nearby butte.

Echo Ridge Snow Trails

Near the junction we had a great view off to the east of the Waterville Plateau.  It’s on the other side of Columbia River from where we are.  The snow stretches as far as you can see which is a really long way today.


We went out to the Outback intersection and turned around there.  We had gained several hundred feet and had gone somewhere around two miles.  That was all we had time for today, so we headed back.

On the way down, we could see south to a view of Lake Chelan, and even further a peekaboo look to the Columbia River somewhere near Entiat.  Wow!   It was sure clear.

Upon our return, we changed out into warmer boots, and carefully steered our way down the snow-covered roads to the Echo Valley Ski Area on our way to Vin du Lac winery.  There we had a very good tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah wines along with crackers, cheese, apple butter, and carrot and golden raisin slaw.  Really nice to sit and reflect on our activities before heading home to plan our dinner coming up later.